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Toursler is unique

Toursler is not just video.

Even with the highest production value, video is a passive medium which captures internet viewers' attention for an average of just 8 seconds:

  1. They check the length of the video.
  2. They skip the video to a few random spots along the timeline, waiting for buffering each time.
  3. They lose interest and move on.

Vistors explore a Toursler tour for an average of 6 minutes.

Toursler is not just a 360.

Many real estate photographers will give you a dozen still photos and a couple of 360s. Why aren't these enough?

  • Slideshows and 360s leave a disjointed, piecemeal image.
  • Traditional 360s are often slow to load and difficult to control.
  • Floor plans are vital as visual overviews that capture most viewers' interest, but are rarely employed.

Only Toursler shows the whole picture in one easy package.

Toursler is immersive, interactive, and intuitive.

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